Resolving The Yarn Stash Problem.


I’m impatient.   My world turns quickly; a whole day passes every 24 hours and 7 of those days pass every week, so I want things started and finished  with no fuss.

I love little projects that I can complete in a day and that don’t take too much thought.  Sometimes, I wish I had a dozen kids, so that the little  projects have a reason for their existence without too much judgement. Instead, I have one adult son (Uni-son) who scorns my passion for yarn the way that only University students can.

If, by chance, my projects carry over to the next day, another problem is made evident. Storage.  Where can I store my current project?  My scissors, yarn, pattern, drawings, notes, embellishments and anything else I may think of.

I found a great spot not so long ago – the coffee table.

Why not, after all? A flat low space big enough for everything and with a comfortable chair.  It’s out of the way too; it sits in front of the television and and over the past 10 years, we’d be lucky to watch TV once a month.

Now though, Mr Platypus has decided he needs the television to play Wii Golf for his get-fit campaign. The table, therefore has to move to make room for the imaginary swing of the club, down the imaginary fairway.  (Wii golf has breathtakingly beautiful golf courses that would be geographically impossible to build or play on in the real world.)
If you are unfamiliar with the Wii world, the golf game looks like this.
wii golf
The player stands in front of the TV screen, (where the coffee table might normally sit), holds the controller in his hand and pretends it is a golf club.

A cheery commentator remarks on every stroke, and the onlookers, whom you hear but never see, are the most awestruck fans you could wish for.
I must give kudos to Mr Platypus, he doesn’t give up. My projects last a week, his Wii golf fad shows no sign of stopping. I was hoping he would lose interest, but the wonderfully positive Wii golf audience keep clapping and cheering his marvelous birdies, eagles and even his triple bogies.

Sadly, I’ve lost my storage spot.

But I had a fantastic idea because of this.
I want Nintendo to set up a game called Wii Yarn Stash. Virtual needles, virtual yarn, virtual patterns. Imagine the fun. I could have stashes of yarn that don’t really exist, and swap my imaginary yarns with other Mii’s (Wii people). On the TV screen, garments would grow fast enough even for me. And mistake free!
I’d never have to worry about storage again. At the end of a gaming session  everything would be neatly stored in Wii world, and the scissors would always be where I left them. When next I tuned in, I could select whichever unfinished project took my fancy, and my scissors would be right there! I could try my hand at spinning, without purchasing a spinning wheel. If the colour of my garment was wrong, a simple click of a button would change it. And when my Mii tried the garments on, they would fit perfectly.
This concept, that of a virtual yarn world, fills me with hope. Is there by chance, a game designer who loves to crochet or knit; who only steps away from their yarn stash to add a bit more to the latest game they’re building?  I want to talk to you.  Wii Yarn Stash.  I’d buy a game like that.


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