What’s in a name?

From one of the “Back to the Future” films

Marty.       “Calvin……  Why do you keep calling me Calvin?”

Lorraine   “Well that’s your name isn’t it? Calvin Klein? It’s written all over your underwear.”

                                                         *         *            *        *          *       


An aptronym is the name for a person with names that match their occupation.
From an internet search, I find Linda Toot was the principle flautist for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and played at the same time as (and hopefully in tune with) the bassoonist whose name happened to be William Basson; I see that Bruce Sparks was an electrician; and that, unfortunately for his patients, Dr Hertz was a practising Dentist. I’m quite sure too, that there have been firemen called Burns, and dressmakers called Tailor before.

Dr Dyer is a friend of mine, and happily enough, I don’t think he signifies a true aptronym. Rather than assist his patients to depart this world, he is very happy to assist them to better health; and in the meantime, he dyes yarn as a hobby.

My friend, that is good news for you and I.

He has a workshop that I envy, and he produces magic in that workshop. Many of us are limited to pot dyeing natural fibres, but Dr Dyer has the means to colour synthetic fibres just as easily; to print onto yarn; to brush yarn into a warm and fuzzy ball, and to, well, do anything really. What is more, he DOESN’T get dye all over his hands, which I guess is a real positive for the patients he treats in his clinic.

He lives some distance away from me, so I don’t catch up with him all that often, but when I do, I’m like a kid in a candy shop. If he calls me up and says “I’ve been having a play in the workshop; the next time you’re up this way, you might want to call in and have a look…” I know that it will never be a wasted visit.

I like to set him puzzles. “What would you do with THIS? It’s not been a really top seller but it is gorgeous yarn, and I think it just needs something to set it off a bit.”
“Hmm,” he says, “leave it with me.”
So I leave it with him and when I next see the yarn, it has been transformed. This is the case with the latest Softie shades. I left Dr Dyer with a puzzle and he solved it, so Puzzle Blue, Puzzle Green, Puzzle Grey and Puzzle Purple are our featured yarns for the month of April.

I’m wondering, though, if I change my surname to Portrait, or Canon, or even Pointandclick, would I find it easier to capture the true colour of the yarn for the website. The Puzzle Green is the most beautiful deep green I have seen for a long time, and the darker stripe in the yarn accentuates it beautifully, but it is a hard task to get the shade exactly as it really is!

In fact, it is a lovely “Jade” Green but you can’t see that.
I’m thinking I’ll change my name to Black.

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