The Musician and the Wonky Weft.


It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m winding yarn from skeins into balls. The skeins are smaller than normal, and they fit perfectly on the back of the computer chair, so I sit on a stool and unwind, both literally and figuratively.

Outside it’s raining and I can see the trees moving in the wind; but inside the house, Mr Platypus has picked up his guitar and is ‘doodling’.  It makes for some lovely background sound.  He often picks up the guitar and plays a few songs. Sometimes he’ll play something familiar, sometimes a tune I have never heard before, and other times, like today, he will just play for half an hour or more without stopping; trying different chord combinations, changing the rythym, changing the speed, jumping from bottle-slide, to bending the strings to basic strumming.  I feel blessed to be exposed to music like this on a regular basis.

I’m winding these balls for a project -of course!  Creativity in the Platypus house starts with me thinking of a project, then making a mess. Sometimes it doesn’t get much further than that!

Recently, I purchased an Inkle Loom. Warping the loom was really such fun and the end result so pretty that I didn’t want to ruin it by actually weaving.


Inkle warped
The warped loom, before weaving commenced.

It seems that I was right.  The weft would not co-operate.  I couldn’t get the sides neat.  Holding the last warp thread worked well for the right hand side, but not the left.

After weaving a bit. Much more practice required!


The original plan was to make a strap for Mr Platypus’ acoustic guitar, but I was not going to present him with the lopsided effort above.

So I got some different yarn, which is not quite so soft and fuzzy.  (To all the weavers out there, I know that a sloppy edge is nothing at all to do with the yarn, and everything to do with the weaver, but I do like to imagine that I can invent a never-fail technique).

I added a bit more twist and then dyed the yarn red, yellow, orange and green.  I will admit that it looks a bit like regurgitated pizza, but I am hopeful it will weave beautifully with the extra twist.

If not, then that will require a different project on another Sunday, and another tune.





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