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I love Ravelry.  Lots of things about it.

One of the things I like most is the ‘ugh’ section.  I am happy to read about other peoples mistakes; to know that it is not just me.  But people kept referring to their projects as ‘frogged’ or ‘to be frogged’.

“To rip back (for the sound “rip it, rip it”) by removing the needles from the project and pulling on the loose end of the yarn; also applies to crochet. Generally used when mistake is found below the row you are currently working, or when completely undoing an entire project or piece”.

I had to look up the meaning of frogged  in  Ravelry’s glossary of meanings. This is my new favourite dictionary.   I found some absolutely brilliant terms!

Do you CIP? (Crochet In Public)  Are you DISO? (Desperately In Search Of yarn).  Do you TINK or FROG?  Tink is undo knitted stitches by reversing the knitting motion (Knit spelt backwards)  and Frog is ripping it out, as above.

Another one I loved was SKANK.   A skank is the combination word for skein or hank.  Some call them skeins, others call them hanks.  Skank is a perfect combination of the two.  Except……… the word skank has another meaning, and it’s not that great. (google it and see)

This is a great pity, I had visions of  “Jade the Skanker” on my business cards. Best if I don’t.

Instead of that, I’ve decided that we can give each other titles.  Did you know that you may be  ‘ambistitcherous’ (you can knit in two different styles) and ‘bistitchual’ or ‘bicraftual’ (you can knit AND crochet).  And the talented sock knitters are – I love this one – BISOXUAL!  You can knit socks from the bottom up OR the top down. (Not me, see this post)

There are so many lovely terms, it’s like a new language, and unlike Thai, I don’t have to worry about tonal differences.  And, now I know what people are saying in the posts!  TTYWYK  (The Things You Wish You Knew).

Enjoy the lovely Autumn weather.  I live close to a National Park, and the other day I took a drive with 2 of the Softie shades, Bright Green and Opal.  (It’s a bit like taking dogs for a drive, only quieter, and you don’t have to have the car windows down)  They photograph well resting on the granite rocks, don’t you think?



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