My mother is in her eighties, and she loves to make cards.

Birthday cards, Christmas cards, Baby cards – you name it, over the years we have been given some lovely hand-made cards by Mum.

I can’t remember the names of all the card-making styles she incorporated. Pergamano, Paper Tole, Scrolling, Stamping, so many other types as well.  They were beautifully made, and always a perfect fit for the recipient.

Now that she is in her eighties, and arthritis and many other ailments have caught up with her. Further to that, her eyesight is failing, so she can’t give the attention to detail that she used to.

However, she still loves to make the cards for me to send to my clients when they place an order with Platypus Yarn.  She makes the cards, and I hand-write- (rather scrappily, I must say) inside them.

I get so many positive comments about the cards (not so much about my messy writing) and Mum loves to know they are appreciated.

Mum makes the card using a gadget she owns called the cuttle-bug.  Of course, a gadget with a name like that, we all immediately called it the clutter-bug; and that is what it’s known as now.

The clutter-bug stamps the design onto the front of the card.

Mum takes clutterbug with her whenever she goes away for more than a day.  She buys little pieces to add to it, which makes different patterns on the cards.  Mum and clutterbug head off for a holiday to Melbourne, and when I drive down to pick her up – voila- there are 50 new cards, and a few more pieces added to clutterbug.  Forget packing clothes and other items to go away- pack sheets of coloured cardboard, and pieces of clutter for the clutterbug.

I introduced Mum to Pinterest about 12 months ago.  Whew, she’s addicted. She immediately made a board called cardmaking, and I believe she has now about 127 followers.

She loves to tell me about how this piece of paper will fit this part of the pattern in the clutterbug, but the final edge of the pattern won’t print, so she can’t let me send it to my customers- they wont like the missing centimetre.

I start to suggest she doesn’t have to worry about that so much.

Then I remember the attention to detail in all the cards we received when she was in full card-making mode, and I realise that the centimetre is, in fact, extremely important to her.

If you order a product from Platypus Yarn, and don’t receive a card with it, know that Mum’s arthritis might be playing up a bit, or she’s away in Melbourne- probably adding dies to her clutterbug!



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