I’m Jade, part of the yarn-and-fibre-loving team at Platypus Yarn.
Wool is my favourite; I love the smell of wool, and the fact that the process of drafting and spinning can turn a soft but unruly bunch of fluff into a beautiful yarn, and then into a garment.  To me, that is magic.

My area of interest and expertise has been in the manufacture and dyeing of  yarn, rather than the making of garments.   In my view, those of you that create things from yarn – either wearable, usable or viewable – are true artists; and I am continually awestruck by these end results.

Platypus yarn is an Australian owned company.  Our main objective is to provide quality undyed yarn and fibre in small amounts to hand dyers and spinners but we also sell commercially dyed yarn, and hand-dyed yarn.  Unless stated as “fully imported”, our dyed yarns have been dyed in Australia.  They may have been imported as undyed on cone, or as singles yarn that have been plyed in Australia, but unless stated otherwise, all dyed yarns on the website have been dyed in Australia.

We pride ourselves on our unique products.  Once a yarn has sold out, there is no more of that particular shade or colourway.  Occasionally, we can source similar shades, depending on popularity, but not always. Printed sock yarn varieties on cone are not repeatable at all; that is the reason we sell them in larger sizes – to ensure you have enough yarn for your project.

Our hanks are approximately 1.65 metres in diameter.



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