Welcome to Platypus Yarn.

If you love yarn as much as we do, you will enjoy browsing our products. Whether you dye, knit, crochet, dye or craft;  either beginner or expert, we at Platypus yarn believe that you truly are an artist, and that we can offer you beautiful yarn at a very reasonable cost. 
Platypus Yarn specialises in offering undyed yarn on hanks to our customers, ready to dye. Occasionally, we will offer dyed products, but these are usually one-offs, once sold, there is no more of that product.

Unless otherwise stated, our wool products are proudly Australian Merino and machine washable. While we endeavor to source yarn that is also manufactured in Australia, this is not always possible.

We like to think we are a little bit 'green'. When you purchase our hanks, they will come to you with a very basic label. As most of our customers will remove the labels to dye the hanks, we feel it would be a waste of resources to print pretty coloured hank bands. You will also notice that your purchases are sent, where applicable, in pre-used plastic bags. We always remember that plastic does not break down, so where we can, we will re-use.

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